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Glo Extracts Carts Yes, black market cart brands are doing this now! Touted on Glo Extracts’ own website, their verification process is called “GLOTRACK” and has the purpose “to verify the authenticity of their Glo products.”

This is ironic, for reasons which should be obvious. Where is there a single, licensed, regulated dispensary from which to purchase a Glo product? There are none. Therefore, the only thing that verifying with “GLOTRACK” does is confirm that your plug obtained packaging from somebody at Glo as opposed to obtaining the packaging from another source.

That is nice, but what about verifying the CONTENTS? Since there is no regulation or control over the distribution of these products, verifying the package is the exact opposite of doing something useful. There’s still no control over the distribution points.

Glo Extracts Carts Posts R&D Lab Test Results As A Claim Of Compliant Testing | Are Glo Carts Real

In what has become a frequent bone we have to pick with street brands of vape carts, Glo Extracts puts up a page full of cannabis laboratory testing result COAs (Certificate of Analysis). Unfortunately, all of them are clearly marked to not be compliance testing results.

This is a frustrating issue since the public seems to be largely unaware of the difference, and most laboratories and enforcement have not yet begun to address this issue.

The two laboratories represented on Glo Extracts’ COAs are CannaSafe and California Cannabis Testing Labs (CCTL).

Glo Carts Review And Glo Carts Packaging

The Flavors

Glo Extracts has many flavors in their product catalog.  The most popular Sativa strains are the Jamaican Dream and Sour Diesel.  The Indica strains that people dream about are Master Kush and LA Ultra.  When it comes to hybrid cartridges, customers rave about Blue Dream and Cali Gold.  There are so many flavors to choose from, so try them for yourself and see what you like!  These flavors are all tested and can be verified by GLOTRACK to ensure that the product is ready to use.

Lab Tests

These THC cartridges from Glo Extracts are extremely reliable because of the lab tests that they put them through.  It is great news that Glo is taking these steps to keep their products safe.  When you get your THC cartridge box, there is a QR code on the side that you can scan to see all of the results that came back from the lab.  In fact, you are even able to see these lab results before you make your purchase.

All of the cartridges from Glo Extracts are pure and clean.  They are 100% natural and lab tested for the tremendous quality of cannabis oil.  The ability to scan a QR code to see lab tests is extremely innovative and makes for stellar service.  Glo Extracts always puts its customers first and wants to give them the best products out there.


Glo Extracts Carts is very serious about reassuring their customers with the safety of their products.  In 2020, you should know all the things that go into these cartridges, and Glo makes sure that there are no unwanted additives.  Vape pens have become extremely popular due to the ease of use and their effectiveness.

When you get your cig box, look for the sticker over the Glo light bulb and that is just one way to verify the authenticity of your box.  The GLOTRACK is innovative and really shows how much Glo Extracts cares about its customers and their safety.  It is important to find a safe THC cartridge company like Glo Extracts that puts its customers first.

In Summary

In summary, Vape pens, and more specifically, THC cartridges, are becoming increasingly popular among those who partake in cannabis. This is great because of their portability and use, however, customers need to make sure that the product that they are getting is safe. Glo extracts are taking the steps to make for great products and even better service.

That is why Glo Extracts uses a QR code that shows lab results of the cartridge to show the customer exactly what kind of oil they are consuming.  The GLOTRACK and the safety of the cartridges are what make Glo Extracts one of a kind.  Every cannabis cartridge company should adopt a similar process.

The flavors are endless and tested to make sure that they are perfect.  The chemists at Glo Extracts work endless hours to make sure that the customer is getting the perfect cartridge.  The fact that you can see the lab tests is truly something special and it makes customers feel really confident in the product.  When you get your cig box, look for the sticker over the Glo light bulb and that is how you will know that it is safe.

Master Kush

A crisp, earthy taste, with subtle pine notes


An immaculate recreation of the sweet, fruit-flavored timeless confection


An earthy, yet deceptively sweet, taste with intermittent floral notes that are as pungent as they are delicious

Ayahuasca Purple

With a particular sweetness brought about by the grape and berry heavy profile, as well as a distinct aroma that contains hints of haze

LA Ultra

Spicy citrus aroma that is sure to enhance any initial sensation, LA Ultra is perfect for those who want the ideal combination of lemon and lime.


Yumboldt is a particularly bold blend, whose potency is equally exemplified by its pungent yet sweet aroma

Merlot OG Glo Extracts

Meant to exemplify its OG hybrid parentage, Merlot OG possesses very organic woody and earthy undertones with a buttery finish.


A floral, yet spicy, citrus aroma with an earthy natural pine-based after-taste

God’s Gift

A Cali Classic, God’s Gift provides the smoker with a unique aroma of grape and citrus combined with an earthy touch that makes for a very sweet yet particular taste.

Blue Diamond

Earthy and sweet, with a notable blueberry after-taste

Endless Sky

A sweet berry-infused taste with a buttery finish gives Endless Sky a unique profile that is always worth a sample

Platinum OG Glo Extracts

Earthy and organic flavor, characterized by its pine-heavy aroma


A profile that is heavily fruit-laden, with a particular citrus twist, Gelato consistently earns its namesake

Sunset Sherbert

A strain with a powerful candy-like smell and a sweet citrus after-taste

Wedding Cake

An earthy and incredibly sweet blend of vanilla mixed together to create a perfect plethora of flavors

Blue Dream

A sweet berry aroma and a burst of blueberry flavor for the palate is what you can expect with this all-time classic strain


A highly unique spicy and floral aroma with a dominant citrus flavor profile

LA Sunshine

A citrus aroma that is perfectly complemented by an earthy and nutty flavor

Cali Gold

Clean herbal aroma with light earthy-citrus waves

Space Candy

Sweet candied-apple and cherry flavor, with minimal earthy notes

Dank Sinatra

A sweet berry flavor with subtle cheese-like notes

Strawberry Cough

The delicious aroma of strawberries with an identical taste to match, this classic is sure to be a delightful treat when all is said and done

Grape Lemonade

The name explains it all, a sweet blend of grapes and various berries with a citrus twist that makes this profile an ideal palate-pleaser at any given time

Jamaican Dream

An exciting and provocative blend of flavors that includes an earthy combination of citrus and coffee

Alaskan Thunder Fuck

A plethora of flavors that creates a profile that is both earthy and piney, but with a slight lemon and menthol twist

Buddha Haze glo extracts carts

A profile that is one of a kind because of the unique manner in which it combines mango and spice with various subtle earthy floral notes.


This classic strains profile has a pungent earthy and woody blend that is highly reminiscent of its jamaican

Lodi Dodi

This strain carries a particular sweetness that is brought about an array of tropical fruit flavors combined with various floral notes, that is complimented by an earthy citrus finish


A distinct blend of blueberries and cream with a spicy floral finish

Sour Diesel

glo extracts

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