Crystal Coma Strain


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Crystal Coma strain was recently lab tested by SC Labs at a hefty 26.2% Total THC, .8% CBD, and .2% CBN

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Crystal Coma Strain

Crystal Coma strain is a sativa-leaning hybrid from California. Although its exact genetics are undocumented, this strain may be the product of two very pungent staples, Cheese and Skunk #1. It expresses strong effects on both ends of the spectrum. Crystal Coma’s THC level has been measured at levels of 15% to as high as 30%.

Crystal Coma’s multicolored flowers are visually striking. The large and solid buds cling together in solid, rounded formations that are shaped somewhat like bullets. They have a typically Indica internal structure, with a dense and solid core and small leaves that curl tightly inward.

Benefits Of Crystal Coma Strain

Crystal Coma’s high hits fast, sometimes Stirling consumers with buzzy, head-focused effects before they’ve even had a chance to exhale its smoke. At first, a feeling of constriction in and around the temples can be expected; tics like increased salivation and flushing in the cheeks are also possible. Eventually, these effects subside and are replaced by a mental rush, with thoughts flowing more frequently and in a more associative, category-based way.

Euphoric, Upliftment, Happiness, Relaxed, Energetic


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